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As part of its 70th anniversary celebrations Algida wanted to rejuvenate its core portfolio of Classic ice creams. The core objective of the redesign was to restate the heritage and “original” status of the Classics range. The pack should also stress the qualitative superiority of the ingredients and allow consumers to recognize, or rediscover, the products as a new version of the same Classic proposition they know and love. 


This extensive redesign focuses the consumer’s attention on the brand name, placed at the centre of a circular “quality mark” created using each ice cream’s key ingredients. The combination of the product name and fresh ingredients results in a dynamic visual system, which is strong on appetizing appeal while also doubling as an effective and credible guarantee of Algida’s quality. A special slogan has been created – “The unique and inimitable” – to drive home the key message of the product’s originality. A second slogan – “The original” – was developed for use on the wooden stick. 


All four of the brand logotypes have been restyled to make them more tasty and contemporary while maintaining their recognisability. Each product is depicted on pack with an exaggerated perspective and a bigger bite than previously used. This allows more creamy ice cream or the flavoured filling to be seen and helps increase appetizing appeal. A vivid blue background unites the range and ensures that the packs are highly visible from within the supermarket freezer cabinets.

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