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Mini Cooky Snack

Branding Design


When relaunching their Cooky Snack ice cream, Algida decided include it in the Italian “Classics” range. We were asked to create a new pack in line with our designs for Algida’s other Classic products such as Cremino, Liuk, Fior di Fragola and Croccante.


The branding system developed for the Italian Classics range is composed of a strong central “quality mark” created using the ice cream’s key ingredients. In this case the visual consisted of a fresh splash of milk, dotted with delicious chocolate drops – an important feature of the Cooky Snack. The lock-up was completed with two arcs of biscuit above and below the brand name.


The brand mark was refreshed and given a stronger chocolate outline. This bold outline increases the legibility of the brand, even from afar. The product is shown on the lower right hand corner with information about the recipe. The combination of the product name and fresh ingredients results in a dynamic visual system, which is strong on appetizing appeal while also doubling as an effective and credible guarantee of Algida’s quality.


In line with the other Italian Classic products, the background is a deep blue colour, which is highly visible from within supermarket freezer cabinets.  

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