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Cucciolone is an Italian ice cream snack which is adored by kids for its great taste and the fun cartoons printed on the biscuit. However, Algida wanted mum’s to know that it is also a top quality product made with authentic ingredients.


They say that a picture paints a thousand words. This is especially true when it comes to packaging. In fact, the design direction was quite clear from the beginning – to use illustrations to effectively communicate the key ingredients which make Cucciolone not just a great snack, but also a good snack. Our design shows the product with one of our new cartoons on a wide splash of white milk against a warm, textured yellow background. The white milk provides and excellent canvas on which to illustrate the key ingredients that make Cucciolone so good – malt biscuit, Rainforest Alliance certified cacao and 100% fresh milk. The illustrations and the presentation of the product combine to communicate fun and quality – an unbeatable combination! Our new design was carried across the range including the in-home box for the Classic and Mini variants, and out-of-home Classic and Maxi flow-wrap.

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