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Carte d’Or is extending its Patisserie range of high quality desserts destined for Italian bars and cafés to include a range of new single-servings. The brief required us to create the packaging for three Italian classics; Tartufo, Tiramisù and Cuor di Caffè, which would showcase the delicious layered desserts and give the range a premium positioning.


Carte d’Or is synonymous with quality ice cream and desserts. Consumer’s expectations are high when they order a Carte d’Or dessert, both in terms of quality and presentation. The desserts are innovative and reflect the trend for deconstruction in the food industry. The single portions are served in miniature transparent jars which maximise the visibility of the product and provide a fun and novel eating experience. To give the packaging a refined, elegant feeling, we took inspiration from the visual language of premium perfumes and beauty products. A minimalist approach also permitted us to contain the graphics and not obscure the beautiful textures and stratified colours of the desserts. The final design shows the Carte d’Or logo in gold, incorporated in a simple circular device with a new pay-off: “Authentic Italian Flavours”. The variant name stands out in white and is set in a stylish, condensed sans serif typeface. The simplicity of the graphic composition belies the complex flavours and superior quality of the ingredients but communicates these values in an understated, sophisticated fashion, which is immediately interpreted by consumers as an indication of premiumness. The design of the lid continues this approach and reiterates the use of 100% quality ingredients while giving more visibility to the Carte d’Or brand. Thanks to our designs these modern desserts are sure to appeal to a trend conscious consumer and support Carte d’Or’s reputation as a leader in the dessert market.

The desserts appear along side other Carte d’Or Patisserie offerings on a dedicated menu board we created for bars and restaurants. The design recalls the metal and enamel shop signs of artisanal milk bars and traditional tearooms. For more information on this project and other price board designs, click here.

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