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How to attract consumer’s attention and drive sales in-store? That is the challenge faced by many of our clients. Be it a new product launch or a promotional offer, point of sale material such as leaflets, shelf wobblers, freestanding or countertop displays are effective marketing tools. The challenge for us is to respond with designs which reflect the brand’s personality while also taking account of the retail context and functional requirements. 


We have created point of sale and promotional material for many national and international brands such as Magnum, Cornetto and Algida Classics.

In the case of point of sale units, shape, colour, images and marketing messages combine to create mini-environments for each brand: sophisticated and sensual in the case of Magnum and energetic and sunny for Cornetto. In each case the material has been tailored to suit the specific needs of the brand whether it be a B2B, trade launch or consumer facing presentation.


What would a promotion be without give-aways! We have sourced and designed gadgets and accessories for several clients. From baseball caps, USB keys and fridge magnets to bendy pencils and tea infusers – when it comes to promotional items, anything goes!

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