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Vegan & Gluten Free Ice Cream

Branding Design


Algida wanted to respond to the ever-increasing consumer request for gluten-free and vegan options which are made with the same care and attention as standard ice creams. Having recently redesigned the packaging for both Cornetto and Cucciolone in home and out of home ranges, we were tasked with creating packaging for the new gluten free, lactose free and vegan variants.


In order to achieve a coordinated look across the range we decided to maintain the same designs which we had created for the core Cornetto and Cucciolone ranges. These designs all have a strong focus on the ingredients and, when it comes to gluten free and vegan products, the quality of ingredients is of primary importance.


The packs are differentiated from the standard range by the use of a colour coded burlap-textured background - natural for gluten free and lactose free and green for the vegan. The application of the same burlap texture on two different ranges aids the identification of the Gluten free or vegan options in store. The vegan option is also clearly marked with a special “Veggy” logo and is endorsed by the European Vegetarian Union. 

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