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When Viennetta was launched in 1981 it was hailed as an innovative ice cream inspired by the Italian “Millefoglie” cake. We were tasked with reinvigorating the packaging range, making it more appealing to contemporary consumers while increasing visibility on shelf.


Our dramatic packaging redesign showcases Viennetta’s unique layers of cracking chocolate and its distinctive creamy waves of ice cream by creating a simulated see-through effect. In fact, the pack is styled to imitate a transparent plastic box with an outer carton for the graphics. In order to achieve this trompe du l'oeil effect, four sides of the pack features high quality photography of the Viennetta as seen from that angle.

Special care was taken to ensure that the shadows and the relationship between the simulated outer sleeve and the inner cake was a realistic as possible.

The simplicity and dynamic shape of the “butterfly” graphic system creates a natural focal point for the Viennetta brand mark while allowing maximum visibility of the product below.


The size of the product is linked to particular moments such as the 64g mono-portion “My Viennetta” for “My special moment” or the family size 250g for “Everyday moments”. The larger format 360g, for “Special Moments”, is differentiated and enhanced through the addition of gold details on the pack and the use of richer colours. Vibrant colour coding of the pack permits the easy identification of the flavour variants.


An extra special “Gold” range has also been developed and is available in two variants; delicious cream decorated with golden chocolate curls and indulgent cappuccino with rich chocolate flakes. The design for these packs is more premium and features a golden Viennetta logo on a dark brown (Cappucino) or white (Cream) background.

In this case the trompe du l’oeil effect is replaced with a minimal and sophisticated presentation of two slices of Viennetta on an elegant plate. 


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