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Café Espresso Zero° is a refreshing way to drink a coffee on the go. Flavours include Espresso, Cappuccino, Mocaccino and Cocco Shock. We were asked to create the packaging and menu board for two new, coffee free, variants - peach & strawberry, and lemon & mint.


The first thing to change was the brand name. We transformed it from Café Zero° to Zero° Café: in this case something as simple as the word order made a big difference!

After an initial exploration of graphical ideas based on ice and graphic patterns, we decided to break continuity with the existing design and focus instead on the new elements which differentiate this new products from the original range: the summery flavours of the fruit and the absence of coffee. 

The pack graphic includes the iconic brand mark, positioned inside a circle and accompanied by bold imagery that can instantly set the mood for the flavour. The peach and strawberry variant features a dark orange circle combined with images of palm trees, beaches and fruit that set the summer scene on the cup. These tropical, flat colour images support the name of the product: Peach on the Beach. 
In the lemon and mint flavour the brand circle becomes the bright center of the lemon. Mint leaves surround the lemon in order to create depth and contrast against the bold, summer chevron pattern in the background. The name, Peace & Lemon, plays on the phrase “Peace and Love” while evoking the carefree, fresh feeling of the summer and the refreshing taste of lemon. The stencil typeface, two-colour design, and colour coded flavour band used for the other product names has been maintained to create a link with the rest of the range.

The menu board will be the primary communications tool for the launch of the new variants in store. It features an energetic presentation of the 3 established coffee products: Espresso, Cappuccino, and Mocaccino, placed against a cool background of crushed icy shards accompanied by images of coffee beans.

The new flavours, Peach on the Beach and Peace and Lemon (as well as Cocco Shock, a third flavour already in the market,) are separated from the others by a strong orange background that cuts through at an angle halfway down the board. The bright colour change attracts attention and guarantees the clear communication of both the name and key ingredients. Each flavour is surrounded by images of the real ingredients in order to enhance the contrast between the fruity nature of the products and the original coffee variants.

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