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Zendium is the Nordic brand leader in oral hygiene. Their Enamel Protect line of coordinated products reinforces the mouth’s natural defences thanks to a formula rich in enzymes, fluoride and protein. We were asked to redesign the packaging in order to increase the perception of quality and communicate the key benefits of the range on the front of pack.


Our graphic restyling and strategic repositioning of the range has strengthened the specialist, clinical character of the products. This has been achieved through a reinterpretation of the range’s Green and white colour scheme and the use of silver foil which is synonymous with excellence and expertise. The addition of an icon which explains the product benefits on the front of pack is a innovation for Zendium and its communication style. A range has been developed specifically for younger consumers, from the age of seven, which explores a musical theme. The complete brand system has been simplified while gaining in elegance and credibility.

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