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About us.

Home sweet home

Reverse is first and foremost a place.

A place that we love as our home, where we do what we are most passionate about: we are dedicated to Branding and Design, working alongside other national and international partnerships, from start-ups to large companies, in the exploration for the best possible brand identity to help our clients grow.

this is who we are

Reverse is above all a team.

A team of creative, dynamic and highly skilled people, capable of thinking outside the box and bringing strategy and innovation to every project.
This is us.
This is Reverse Innovation.


Mirco has an innovative and unconventional perspective. He envisions the unimagined, foreseeing how ideas can be realised then using his training and extensive experience as a designer to turn concepts into real projects. He is dedicated to projects of innovation that often lead Reverse to the development of new patents. For example, when he imagined the experience of leafing through the pages of wine, thus creating Librottiglia, or when he realised that the world was ready for a new revolution in packaging design and created Wine Pouch Revolution, or when he envisioned turning us all into chefs and created Jump Pan. Mirco is also involved in Furniture Design and is a contributor to several leading magazines.

Mirco Onesti Creative Director / Partner


Alice is Reverse's strategic and design point of view. She is profoundly inquisitive because she believes that without the right questions there will be no fruitful results. She is creative, determined, professional. Moreover, Alice is a precise and tireless advocate of tailor-made solutions, the compass that keeps the team on course. With a long experience in branding and packaging design, she is in charge of the management and execution of all the projects that are generated at Reverse.

Alice Tacconi Managing Director / Partner

We can't wait to share our story with you and engage with yours.