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Graphic Design delle scatole di gelato Cremino Croccante Fior di Fragola e Liuk di Walls Algida realizzati da Reverse Innovation, con vista dall'alto su sfondo rosso

Algida Classics. The real strength of a classic? Always knowing how to renew itself.

Once again, we teamed up with Unilever on the development of the new packaging design of the great Algida classics. Never before have we felt so daring as in this project, and so the unique and inimitable Cremino, Croccante, Fior di Fragola, Liuk, Lemonissimo and Bikini packs have been coloured red for the first time, regaining visibility both in bars and supermarkets through consistent and recognisable redesign.

Composizione con Close Up su confezioni box di Cremino Croccante e Fior di Fragola, con grafica di Reverse Innovation
Immagine di tre mani che sorreggono i gelati Classici a Stecco Walls Algida su sfondo rosso

This is a packaging redesign operation with an important objective: to maintain the recognisability of Algida’s iconic products in a context where private labels are chasing brands at an ever-increasing speed. In order to achieve this goal, with the strength of our great experience with this type of product, we were not afraid to be daring, proposing packaging in shades of red that only Algida would allow themselves to use. In fact, red is not only an uncommon brand identity colour code in the ice-cream world, which is more accustomed to soft colours in shades of blue, but is also a historic element of the brand, which has been part of the Algida identity from the start.

So there is room for innovation, even if we are talking about ice-creams that spark memories of childhood for many of us, giving the go ahead to an unusual and non-conservative approach, which nevertheless maintains important elements of recognisability. Among these, the space dedicated to the representation and brand naming of the product undoubtedly stands out. Together with the milk splash, they contribute to highlighting the uniqueness of ice-creams that make ingredients a strong point, as well as taste. High-quality fresh Italian milk is an important element, which has been given due prominence, together with the decision to use only fresh cream, which is also 100% Italian.

Equally original is the reversal of the brand colours which, in this line, appear in red on a white background. The packaging redesign was only the starting point of a project that also involved pop materials, for which new key visuals were created, focusing on the creative elements featured on the packaging, such as the exaltation of taste, indulgence, ingredients and the historic legacy of the line, which lives in the hearts of many people in our country.

Key Visual realizzato da Reverse Innovation con composizione dei gelati Classici a Stecco Walls Algida in campagna affissione esterna

A new red packaging for a coherent and recognizable redesign.

Graphic Design delle confezioni dei gelati Cremino Fior di Fragola e Liuk di Walls Algida realizzati da Reverse Innovation
Graphic Design delle confezioni dei gelati Croccante Lemonissimo e Croccante Cacao di Walls Algida realizzati da Reverse Innovation
Flow Wrap con Graphic Design di Reverse Innovation dei gelati Walls Algida Croccante Liuk Cremino Fior di Fragola e Lemonissimo, visti dall'alto su sfondo rosso

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