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Creating unconventional projects and products to bring innovation to the world of Beverage. This is the Mission of Burgot Group, reflected in an identity that speaks of style, but also of competence and professionalism. Also distinctive are the choice of colours and the solutions devised to consistently convey the identity in communication materials.

We designed every aspect of the Burgot Group’s brand identity: from the naming to the branding, right up to the declination on all materials, both paper and digital.
Group’s core business is to imagine, develop and distribute innovative solutions for the Beverage world, both in terms of products and projects.

The design of the brand speaks of elegance, reliability and authority, choosing to focus on some classic elements of the sector, modernising them. With this in mind, the “B” in the signature is central and is enhanced by the elements surrounding it, almost as if to create a heraldic symbol. The colour palette chooses the natural, rich and “earthy” tones of brown, accentuating the elegance communicated by the brand.

A particularly important aspect of the project is the coherent declination of the identity created for the brand on all communication materials.
The objective? Emphasise the positioning, reliability and authority of Burgot Group on all touchpoints: from stationery to gadgets, without overlooking the website, designed for maximum responsiveness on mobile devices.

This is innovation in the world of beverages.

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