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Pattern visto dall'alto con elementi di Café Zero. Graphic Design di Reverse Innovation

Café Zero, from green packaging to brand & pack redesign.

Harmonizing all the sensations of Cafè Zero with a complete and effective strategy. A challenge won through a comprehensive redesign that includes the logo, also introducing some new graphic elements, restoring value and coherence to the entire line. This intervention has been particularly appreciated by the consumers, who have tried out the creative suggestions, choosing the most original before voting on the final choice.

Logo Café Zero Energy Boost con Illustrazione su carta ruvida
Ragazza beve Café Zero al bancone con lavagna illustrata alle sue spalle

For any brand, consistency, harmony, and recognisability are essential. More so when it comes to Cafè Zero, a brand that is both well-known and loved by its niche of loyal consumers. The Algida product line, distinguished by its refreshing and thirst-quenching qualities, has grown over time with the addition of new variants such as the Lipton Tea version, becoming a real hit. However, the expansion of choices has led to a loss of recognisability and coherence with the brand identity, making it necessary to undertake a significant restyling.

To develop the new packaging design and make the brand more effective and recognisable, we worked on several creative strategies before testing them with consumers. Finally, our intervention focused on some essential elements, such as the brand logo. Maintaining the lettering design and the representation of the ice crystal that makes the product unique, the logo was made more cohesive by reducing the size of the brown band in keeping with the original product.

The resulting breakthrough allowed us to give more space to other creative elements with-in the packaging, enhancing its visual impact and communication potential. The new pack design, while maintaining the coolness and youthful style of the brand, manages to convey a sense of indulgence that communicates the excellence of the product more effectively. The brown panel in the centre of the front pack carries the products name, adding a further element of order and organisation to the range while helping the consumer navigate their way through an increasingly rich world. Fruit Boost, Tea Boost and Coffee Boost are the three Cafè Zero lines, now able to satisfy all taste and refreshment demands with rich and original recipes. Defining the line naming, the copy for the narration of the world of Cafè Zero, and the complete redesign of the packaging has been accomplished on the strength and confidence of our product knowledge, resulting from our commitment to assist the client in all the development phases of each project. As a result, each essence of Cafè Zero – coffee, tea and fruit – finds its own space and expression in the context of an original, fun and recognisable line. The recognisability is also achieved by the decision to differentiate the various products in terms of both images and colours, thus avoiding any confusion on the part of the purchaser. The decision to abandon plastic for a new, completely recyclable paper pack was another essential change for this new launch. We were delighted and proud to support this innovation by guiding the consumer through the correct disposal process using special symbols strategically placed within the design.
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Composizione con illustrazioni di Café Zero con gessetti su lavagna
Graphic design Café Zero di Reverse Innovation. 3 referenze bar
Graphic design Café Zero di Reverse Innovation. 3 referenze frutta

A new fresh brand awareness and consistency.

Restyling di Café Zero a cura di Reverse Innovation

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