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Carte D’Or Affogati. Again together with Unilever for sustainable design.

A new eco-pack for the Carte D’Or Affogati range, a new challenge towards sustainable packaging. The journey we started on with Unilever several years ago is continuing and now includes ever-more brands in a concrete commitment to sustainability. An ecological approach that aims not only to make consumer product packaging increasingly green, but also to engage a growing number of consumers in correct waste disposal.

5 confezioni Affogati Carte d'Or in prospettiva su limbo bianco
Graphic Design di Reverse innovation su vaschetta gelato Carte d'Or Affogato Eletto Prodotto dell'Anno
Vaschette di Gelato Carte d'Or dall'alto con Graphic Design di Reverse Innovation

It is called No/Less/Better Plastic and it is Unilever’s global strategy to reduce the amount of plastic put into circulation through the packaging of the products we consume every day. Reverse is accompanying Unilever Italy on this journey, enhancing the company’s green approach without losing sight of the design, recognisability and on-shelf impact of Carte D’Or’s iconic products.

This is demonstrated by the redesign of the Carte D’Or Affogati line which, following a path already traced out both for Cafè Zero and for other products in the Carte D’Or line, focuses on PEFC certified card, i.e. paper originating from plantations or forests managed in a sustainable and legal way. “The packaging is also compostable and recyclable, and can be disposed of in the organic or paper bin, depending on the municipality where you live,” explains Gaia Onza, Marketing Manager Ice-Cream at Unilever, in this video. However, the challenge of sustainable design does not stop with the choice of materials.

This line of more than 10 ice-cream flavours had to continue communicating its unique mix of ingredients, combined with creaminess and softness, while switching from a transparent plastic container to an opaque card one. The challenge was accepted and won thanks to a redesign rich in sophisticated visual stimuli, evident in the realistic representation of the ice-cream, which appears on the sides of the new tub, giving the purchaser the sensation of seeing the contents in all their creamy goodness. There is also space for information and the logo, always visible to distinguish itself from competitors in a crowded context such as that of supermarkets, and with the “green seal” to announce the novelty of the compostable container. And the transparent window on the lid? This too is 100% compostable, thanks to the choice of an eco-film with an elegantly irregular die-cut, ideal for allowing the product inside to be viewed without compromising the value of sustainable packaging.

The new Affogati Carte D’Or tub has been chosen as Product of the Year 2021: an important recognition for an innovative green proposal characterised by impressive graphics, which stimulates the senses and captures the attention in the refrigerated foods section, refreshing the language of its range and of the segment of variegated ice-creams in tubs.

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Riccioli di cioccolato bianco cadono su Visual Meringa Carte d'Or Pistacchio
Before After comparison of Graphic Design on Carte d'Or packaging by Reverse Innovation. Top view
Before After comparison of Graphic Design on Carte d'Or packaging by Reverse Innovation

Still together with Carte d’Or for sustainable design.

Cucchiai dorati con gelato nei gusti Carte d'Or e piccoli ingredienti

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