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Vista dall'alto dei Pack di Mochi e Macarons di Reverse Innovation

Carte D’Or Mochi and Macarons.

We teamed up again with Carte D’Or to realise the packaging design of two new products from the Studio line, inspired by the traditional patisserie and oriented towards a demanding and international clientele. For this top-of-the-range line, the elements of the brand identity remain consistent with the Carte D’Or world: the challenge in terms of graphic design is to communicate the product and positioning brand in a distinctive way while recalling the tradition of the original product.

Brand Carte d'Or Studio impresso su background dorato
Scatole con graphic design di Mochi e Macarons in una composizione su tavolino di marmo con brocca dorata

Brand innovation is also knowing how to bring the brands that are so familiar to us, such as Carte D’Or, into a new reality. The tools at our disposal are, without doubt, related to packaging and graphic design, and thus, in general, to everything that makes up the visual identity of the product. But, as this project demonstrates, research into sustainable design and ecological packaging is also fundamental, as is the quality of the production of the photographic element, from shooting to retouching.

For Mochi and Macarons we handled all of this and the result is two top-of-the-range products that immediately evoke the worlds from which they were born. Mochi recalls Japanese haute patisserie, with a texture characteristic of the Rising Sun and golden touches to emphasise its premium positioning. The product, not always known outside Japan, remains in the foreground, on a refined white background interrupted by a golden band highlighting the brand and the name of the speciality.

Following in a very similar style to add consistency, there is the design system created for Macarons, again in shades of white and gold, with the product in the foreground plus an additional distinctive element: the composition of the original Macarons Carte D’Or, now made unique by the presence of ice-cream.

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Composizione con Box Mochi di Reverse Innovation posizionato su radice decorativa
Composizione con Flow wrap Mochi e Macarons con design di Reverse Innovation visti dall'alto

Coherent and evocative design system.

Composizione di confezioni Mochi e Macarons viste dall'alto con Graphic Design di Reverse Innovation
2 Confezioni di Macarons, design di Reverse Innovation, con ombre e rami dorati viste dall'alto
Composizione con Box cartaceo di Mochi con Graphic Design di Reverse Innovation

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