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Chupa Chups

Algida and Chupa Chups. Two iconic stars join in the name of flavour sensation and fun to create three truly delicious mini ice lollies. For a co-marketing that is both cheerful and catchy and a design challenge, we have created a balance between the Chupa Chups brand style and the flavour of Algida.

A new and delicious product specifically invented for the kid’s market target. To illustrate the deliciousness of the new range of popsicles in the shape of the iconic Chupa Chups, we have created a fun, colourful branding look with a central focus on flavour and enjoyment.

To boost this exciting co-marketing enterprise, which is also safe for children, given that the products are gluten-free and contain natural flavourings, we have chosen to give importance to colour and ingredients.

On the packaging design, in particular, the explosion of Chupa Chups flavour breaks into the world of ice lollies and Algida with a coherent design solution across the range, emphasising the variation and unique experience of an unprecedented product. An essential aspect of the task required creating a visualisation of the product from scratch through illustration and photographic retouching.

Taste and friendliness are in the foreground.

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