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Comic Beer

The evolution of the beer-bottle label? The ability to tell a new, fresh and original story that surprises and amuses, sip after sip. A story that finds in comics its ideal expression of both style and target. That’s why we decided to unite the two experiences by combining three unpublished comics with three delicious craft beers.

Beer is flavour, colour, aroma and personality. It is authentic and enjoyable storytelling, which can be sensed right from the label. In this project, the beer bottle becomes an instrument to enrich and complete the experience of tasting one’s favourite drink while enjoying the pleasure of reading an original comic.

Comic Beer is made up of three distinct products, each carefully crafted by small brewers, accompanied by three new comic strips by Antonio Madrigal, positioned on the label for easy reading. Beer and stories share style and personality to create a unique and original experience, also perfect as a gift idea.

“Technology and headaches”.
The search for a definitive solution to migraine attacks, which have now become chronic, is the title of an engaging story that accompanies this Saison-style blond beer (alcohol 6.5% vol.) with abundant foam, lively flavour, fruity and floral bouquet with hints of wet, slightly acidic hay.

“If you don’t clean the house, the house gets dirty”.
The small daily dramas that animate a couple’s relationship are paired with another pale beer, recalling the tradition of unfiltered German Weisse (ALC 4.5% vol.), with its classic aromas of wheat and sweet fruit, white and creamy foam, straw-yellow pearly colour.

“A test of adulthood “.
An amusing and delicate reflection on the writer’s crisis is the ideal match for an amber Irish Red Ale, (ALC 5.7 vol.) with its white and compact foam, surprising notes reminiscent of milk chocolate and scents of roasted malts with a hint of hazelnut.

Comic Beer is designed for collectors and fans of both comics and beer, but it is also the ideal solution for an original and surprising gift.

The first beer with a comic strip around it.

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