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Logo Stellati per Cornetto. Design by Reverse Innovation

Cornetto Stellati. Premium design for the new Cornetto line that will make your heart beat faster.

Together with Algida, to bring the unique style of starred chefs to the world of the legendary Cornetto. The result? A line of three limited-edition products, destined to expand season after season, reinterpreting ingredients as chosen by Isabella Potì, Andrea Tortora and Martina Caruso, presenting them with a premium touch, yet in keeping with what makes us all love Cornetto.

Composizione di Box Cornetto Stellati visti dall'alto. Design grafico Reverse Innovation

A Limited Edition of goodness awaits you, a selection of unique recipes with ingredients best-loved by the most original and creative pastry chefs, for you to discover one at a time, year by year. Algida has chosen the brilliant Isabella Potì, the talented Andrea Tortora and the bubbly Martina Caruso to give life to a collection of unforgettable flavours, which we have interpreted in terms of design by emphasising the limited edition, still maintaining the unmistakable style of Cornetto.

The layout of the elements remains consistent, with the logo spread across the packaging and the product tilted to highlight its qualities. While keeping the format unchanged, we have focused on enhancing the design to convey the Haute patisserie vocation that characterises these recipes, the sophisticated, lavish, elegant and high-quality allure. We have succeeded by concentrating on the ingredients, the key differentiating element of the three proposals. Ingredients that find their way into the illustration of a Cornetto, from the crown to the tip, but also in the lower part of the packaging front, where they are explained and presented alongside the image of the star chef.

The Cornetto has been carefully recreated through a patient work of illustration, while the background is a refined tone-on-tone texture illustrating the ingredients of each variant. In addition to the texture and depiction of the Cornetto, the three products differ in colour code, reflecting the central ingredient of each recipe. Each product packaging has its distinct dimension, yet it remains coherent in keeping with the brand identity and consistent with the line, for which we have developed several naming proposals. The ” Stellati ” tag defines the strength of the range, distinguished by a black label, at the top, with calligraphic lettering, almost like a signature. Other key text elements are the name of the chef, immediately below, plus the cook’s image and signature in the bottom right-hand corner.

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Confezioni di gelato Cornetto Stellati impilate su fondo nero e mani con farina
Confezione Cornetto Stellati Martina Caruso, vista dall'alto su fondo nero. Design Reverse Innovation

A starred selection of goodness!

Confezione Cornetto Stellati Andrea Tortora, vista dall'alto su fondo nero. Design Reverse Innovation
Confezione Cornetto Stellati vista dalla'to su fondo nero. Design Reverse Innovation. Chef Isabella Potì

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