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Muro decorato con graphic design di Logo Fissan, Claim e simbolo Giraffe

Fissan. Brand positioning and brand storytelling together to project a historic brand into the future.

How can we win the trust of today’s parents without losing the authentic charm of a historic brand? By restoring to the packaging that embracing, joyful tone of voice that connects witht the senses and was once evoked by the symbol of the baby with the quiff, through a fresher and more creative packaging design, able to communicate the positive values of the product in a simple and immediate way.

Composizione con packaging Fissan con graphic design di Reverse Innovation su sfondo azzurro con cubi colorati

Naturalness, safety and efficacy. But also an appeal to the senses, strong expertise in the world of childhood and that sense of empathy essential to accompanying new parents in intimate moments with their baby, so precious in the first years of life.

These are the strengths of a historic brand like Fissan which, over time, had found itself facing competition from new brands and products with fresher communication and a more engaging tone of voice for the new generation. Our intervention represented a fresh start: saying goodbye to the classic elements of brand design to make room for a more contemporary language. 

It was a challenge that saw us move into both product sales channels, supermarkets and pharmacies, completely reinventing not only the design system, but also all the on-pack communication. Fissan has thus entered a new dimension, rediscovering the cheerful tenderness of a moment for cuddling between a parent and their little scamp, using an illustrative style that replaces the legendary “little quiff”. The redesigned packaging, in the brand’s classic shades of blue, pink and white, communicates all the happiness of parents and babies in enjoying the sweetness and harmony of daily care routines. The brand has thereby rediscovered a more playful, natural and relaxed dimension, closer to the new generation, both in pharmacies and on supermarket shelves.  At the same time, however, thanks to clear communication of the product benefits on the pack, the brand has reaffirmed its role as caring and empathetic, ready to support all baby care needs, from the simplest to those that require a little extra attention.

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Composizione con astucci di Pasta Fissan verticali con graphic design di Reverse Innovation
Before After comparison of Fissa Logo Design by  Reverse Innovation
Before After Composition of the New Graphic Design of Fissan by Reverse Innovation

Brand positioning and brand storytelling together to project a historic brand into the future.

Graphic design di 4 astucci Fissan creati da Reverse Innovation visti dall'alto

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