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Glorix Limited Edition

Good performance is no longer enough. Today, we also demand that household cleaning products offer a pleasant sensory experience through their fragrance and design. This is how this Glorix Limited Edition was born, in two fabulous variants that give the brand an unprecedented impact on the shelf, without penalising the classic line.

Glorix has always communicated its effectiveness in cleaning the most difficult areas of the house through the use of the colour blue, in different shades, and with the choice of a strong and incisive style.
In developing this Limited Edition, we started from the idea that it should stand out from the other products of the brand while maintaining its recognisability.

Inspired by the tropical mood of the two fragrances, striking images and strong colours create a brand new packaging design that focuses on the unique sensory experience offered by the new variants.

The contrast between the dark background and the bright, vibrant coloured illustrations allows the two products to achieve high shelf visibility, emphasised by the choice of gold to indicate the “anti-limescale” function and on the edges the words “extra perfume”.

A design that, while enhancing the uniqueness of the proposal, maintains the visibility of the brand and consistency with the line, encouraging its revival as a brand ready to offer the best performance, but also the best sensory experiences.

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