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Inspirations from around the World. A tale of flavour and design to take you to faraway lands.

Provence, Japan, Turkey. Three countries where ice cream is interpreted with colours and flavours unique to the world. Three inspirations for as many single-flavour cups signed Carte D’Or. Three opportunities to convey these places and flavours through a delicate and sophisticated design, in pure Carte D’Or style, yet with an extra touch of originality.

Logo e confezioni Carte d'Or Ispirazioni dal Mondo sdraiate su sfondo di carta martellata
Confezioni di gelato Carte d'Or Ispirazioni dal Mondo viste dall'alto con ingredienti. Graphic Design di Reverse Innovation

A project that allowed us the opportunity to tell a story unique in the world of Carte D’Or: the story of three flavours revealing the delights of distant lands. The complete line includes three single-flavour pots, and the packaging design even customizes the cap, a further creative concept breakthrough.

Our approach was to explore three different graphic ambiences, one for each country, and to create bespoke illustrations for each. The result, which has enabled us to capture a world in a few essential touches, is visible on both the pot and the top. The choice of high-impact illustrations does not, however, impose itself on the sub-brand identity. Instead, it finds its own discernible space with the white label extending in a continuous theme throughout the packaging design, cap included. Even the ice cream scoop, a key element of indulgence and a traditional feature of the Carte D’Or world, finds its rightful place within the white tab, immediately underneath the calligraphic lettering chosen for the line name and above the description of the flavour, produced from an ingredient typical of each country.

It is essential, in this case, to have each defining element also on the cap, considering the location in the horizontal freezer displays, which only enables buyers to see the products from above. The palettes chosen reflect the colour of the main ingredient of each variation – sesame for Turkey, violet for Provence and green tea for Japan – and help to complete the refined yet recognizable geographical location of each of the three Inspirations.

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Ragazza bionda che gusta il gelato Carte d'Or Ispirazioni dal Mondo gusto violetta ispirato alla Provenza
Confezione di gelato Carte d'Or Ispirazioni dal Mondo PROVENZA in una composizione con design che prosegue sullo sfondo

Unique colors and flavors in the world!

Confezione di gelato Carte d'Or Ispirazioni dal Mondo GIAPPONE in una composizione con design che prosegue sullo sfondo
Confezione di gelato Carte d'Or Ispirazioni dal Mondo TURCHIA in una composizione con design che prosegue sullo sfondo

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