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Jump Pan

In a world where haute cuisine has become popular, there is an increasing demand for convenient utensils that make it achievable for anyone to cook comfortably, just like a chef. From a simple and ingenious design concept, Jump Pan was born, the first pan designed to simplify a difficult movement such as tossing, or making the food “jump” in the pan. Jump Pan was developed in collaboration with TVS, a leader in the sector.

Jump Pan, or “jumping pan,” is a name that already promises results. Sautéing food is in fact in its DNA, as it was born out of a design project inspired by this specific necessity.

Created for TVS, one of the most important manufacturers of kitchen utensils, specialising in non-stick pans, Jump Pan has reinvented this kitchen tool by mixing innovation, simplicity and style.

Its secret? It has an asymmetrical design that allows you to toss any type of content without it spilling out of the pan.

A real chef’s gesture, which would require years of practice, is thus made accessible to everyone and this everyday object acquires a new functionality, without sacrificing aesthetics and without impacting on production costs.

The new design has been developed so as not to require substantial changes to the production line, which remains unchanged, demonstrating that innovation doesn’t always involve additional investment in manufacturing.

By simply tilting the mould we have enabled TVS to create a completely new product that has become a signature item in the brand’s collection.

Jumping has never been easier.

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