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Background con scatole Lashivia che creano pattern di fondo

Lashivia. Elegance and harmony for a simple and innovative beauty brand

Reverse has created the visual identity of a new high-end beauty brand, born from the unique expertise of a professional eye care professional. Lashivia is the line designed by Sara Vecchi, Master in permanent makeup, influencer and TV personality, produced by Unilever Italy. This was a challenge that has seen us take care of every part of the project: from naming to design, from communication to point-of-sale materials.

Logo Lashivia by Sara Vecchi su sfondo capitoné
Immagine di atmosfera con Range di prodotti e confezioni Lashivia con Graphic Design Reverse Innovation
Composizione con profilo di ragazza e prodotti Lashivia su sfondo grigio

PhiBrows Master from worldwide academy Branko Babic, microblading instructor at national level and founder of the salon that takes her name, Sara Vecchi is a real beauty guru, with a very strong expertise in the area of eyes. Together with Unilever, she has chosen to create her first complete line for eyelash and eyebrow care, a beauty routine for the eyes that was created with some very precise characteristics, supporting the branding work. The first is undoubtedly premiumness: in line with Sara Vecchi’s brand positioning, the new line is also positioned as a high-end product, sold exclusively on the beauty guru’s website. The second is the ability to encapsulate all the style and expertise of its creator in a new brand, whose logo incorporates the characteristics of the existing one. And the third? The ability to communicate elegance and sobriety, but with the right level of energy, in keeping with Sara Vecchi’s world in which style and excellence are aspects that cannot be ignored. This is how the Lashivia naming was born, gliding sinuously and intriguingly into a design that picks out the initials S and V in the Sara Vecchi logo in a soft, elegant way. Careful attention was paid to the font, creating an effect of absolute refinement, even in the general simplicity of the proposal, which successfully shows how rare it is for elegance and sophistication to go together. The design system developed for the packaging features a sophisticated contrast between light and dark and is enhanced thanks to a refined capitonné base. Sara Vecchi’s initials and the product indication appear in black on the light side of the box, while the line’s logo, positioned vertically on the right edge, is deliberately cut by the lower part, which unexpectedly re-emerges on the side next to it, but in white and on a totally black background, together with the name of the brand’s star. The applicator that completes the pack continues this harmony of opposites, thanks to the light-coloured body with black text and the dark pull-out. Great attention has been paid to the communication and point-of-sale materials, in which the coherence and recognisability of the brand contribute to making this line of products, innovative in both formula and image, immediately recognisable at the top end of the market.

Find out more about our approach to point of sale marketing and brand storytelling here.

Graphic Design di Reverse innovation per Pubblicazione Lashivia by Sara Vecchi in mano a ragazza, su sfondo legno grigio
Pieghevoli Lashivia by Sara Vecchi su fondo legno. Graphic Design by Reverse Innovation
Pieghevoli Lashivia by Sara Vecchi con Design di Reverse Innovation in foto ambientata su tavolo grigio

Elegance and harmony for a simple and innovative beauty brand.

Pubblicazioni grafiche per Lashivia di reverse innovation viste dall'alto su sfondo legno grigio
Prodotti Lashivia con Graphic Design di Reverse Innovation vicino a pennelli ed Espositore
Key Visual Lashivia su Tablet in mano a donna seduta su sfondo bianco

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