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Two great pleasures, wine and reading, come together in a project capable of creating an innovative wine-literary experience. Developed in collaboration with leading wineries, Librottiglia is the first book-label project to contain a story matched, in narrative style and literary genre, to the wine it accompanies.

Librottiglia is an innovative product design project that transforms the bottle label into a key element of a novel experience, combining great wine and great literature.

Bringing the two worlds together is the evocative power of the senses and the imaginative and creative energy of words, which together create magnificent scenarios. As is always the case in the experience of wine, combinations are important. This is why each wine, with its unique characteristics, is matched with a narrative genre and a story, in a perfectly balanced way.

The unusual “label book” is presented in the form of a small, elegant paper element applied to the front of the bottle that makes the label unique. Each story is illustrated with a captivating image and attached to the bottle with a thin cord, which transforms the opening and closing of the book into an almost ritual gesture and establishes a “unifying thread” that intensifies the bottle’s distinctive appeal. The choice of rugged cardboard enhances the sensory appeal and emphasises the tactile side of the experience, making it even more complete.

Three authors have contributed to this collection of exciting stories that accompany the selection of wines: Patrizia Laquidara, with “The Frog in the Belly”, an exciting tale that complements the uncommon personality of the red Anthos wine; Regina Nadaes Marques with “I Love You, Forget Me”, as intense as the ruby red of the Nebbiolo Roero it accompanies; Danilo Zanelli with “The Murder”, which blends his humour infused with mystery with the fresh and light spirit of the white Roero Arneis.

A wine to read, a book to drink

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