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Lubricant Gel

A structural design and branding project for multinational company Ansell. The new design of the Lifestyles branded lubricant gel is intended to give the product greater shelf visibility, create curiosity and offer convenience and safety to the purchaser, without causing embarrassment.

Ansell, a leading manufacturer of intimate protection and comfort products, offers the Lifestyles brand in Australia and the United States, markets where standing out is key. In the case of the lubricating gel, the need to maintain a recognisable, smooth and appealing style clashed with the desire to be more visible and memorable.

Fun and sensuality were the creative ideas behind the project, allowing us to create a distinctive and engaging shape. The iconic design reinforces the brand identity and takes the visual language of the category in an innovative direction.

The ring on top encourages interaction and gives the product a playful, fun style, while our patented mechanism for opening and closing the pack is ergonomic and easy to use for a perfect dosage.

The benefits offered are communicated with a clear and clean graphic style and through the choice of using shaded colours to indicate both the crescendo of pleasure and the product variant, offered in different fragrances.

This project has allowed the brand to leap forward and has given a boost to the category with a unique and recognisable image.

Winner of four awards, the design project for Lifestyles Lubricant Gel was included in the Taschen Book of Packaging Design and demonstrates Reverse’s ability to combine graphic and product design with structural design.

Branding, design and innovation at the core.

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