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Lysoform Home and Pets. A growing family brand.

A new line of products dedicated to the caring of the domestic environment shared with our pets. Lysoform presents “Home and Pets”, an innovative product line for the brand, which we wanted to interpret through the distinctive symbols of Lysoform, with particular focus on safety and hygiene, but also special attention to the tenderness and joy of having a furry creature at home.

Range Lysoform Casa e Animali su sfondo azzurro

Lysoform Home and Pets: a new way of caring for your home, neutralising odour and hygiene problems. The product range includes a Floor Cleaner, a Multi-Surface Spray and a Fabric Spray, which is especially important when sharing carpets and sofas with a furry pet.

The challenge to create the packaging design was to maintain consistency with the Lysoform brand while emphasising the unique properties of the new line as a problem solver for specific needs. A further crucial area to consider in the design of the new packs was the different purposes of the two types of spray. We addressed these concerns by opting for different colour tones to highlight the two respective applications. We then chose images to illustrate their use: a cat with a pet carrier for Multisurface and a cute dog with a scarf for the Textile Spray.

The hygiene guarantee of the Lysoform range appears at the bottom of each pack, highlighted by the red band, one of the brand colours. A specific label highlights the product line’s most important functional benefit: the neutralisation of odours, a fundamental aspect for the target.

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Gatto che fa capolino dietro fascia con Claim "IDEALE PER GLI AMBIENTI IN CUI SOGGIORNANO I TUOI AMICI DOMESTICI" :)
Etichetta Lysoform Casa e Animali. Graphic Design di Reverse Innovation. Composizione con Bambina e gatto

A special attention to our 4-legged friends!

Etichetta Lysoform Casa e Animali. Graphic Design di Reverse Innovation. Composizione con cane su tappeto in primo piano
Etichetta Lysoform Casa e Animali con Graphic Design di Reverse Innovation. Composizione con Bambino e gatto

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