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Marche Prelibate. Regional food excellence, a journey through naming, logo and web design.

A universe of flavours, among territory and tradition, narrated with a refreshing new style to captivate present day foodies. Marche Prelibate is an e-commerce project dedicated to the producers of the Marche region, for which we have developed the naming, brand, website and all communication materials.

Logo Marche Prelibate su carta martellata. Brand Design by Reverse Innovation

Marche Prelibate. The choice of the naming is the synthesis of an ambitious project: to create the first e-commerce of traditional Marche products of excellence with a new and modern style, able to conquer even the youngest and most demanding consumers.

The name “Marche Prelibate” immediately clarifies that the project belongs to the food world and contextualises it in its territory of origin, which becomes an identifying element and strong point of the commercial proposal.

The excellence of the gastronomic proposal, linked to a tradition of authenticity and genuineness, is translated into a brand with a clean and contemporary style, made fresh and inviting by the choice of colours. An unusual palette, with hints of blue, combining land and sea, enriches tradition with a touch of originality and highlights the contrasting flavours and experiences of a truly unique region.

Fiat 500 con Brand Marche Prelibate su fiancata e braccio dal finestrino con cappello in mano
Immagine coordinata Marche Prelibate su supporti vari su tavolo di legno
Immagine coordinata Marche Prelibate su supporti vari

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