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Immagine dall'alto della scatola di Camomilla Montaia con tazze e tovagliolo su tovaglia bianca

Montania. A restyling to find continuity in renewal.

Montania is a leading brand, distinguished by a packaging design that, over time, has succeeded in creating familiarity and a sense of belonging among loyal consumers. How to keep this bond alive while revitalising the brand’s style? This was the challenge of producing an innovative packaging redesign while focusing on the continuity of the brand.

Prima e dopo del restyling di Camomilla Montania by Reverse Innovation

When working with a renowned brand, with a packaging design to which consumers are well accustomed, if not attached, the foremost concern is to combine continuity with renewal, making the new proposal welcomed. In the case of Montania, we have succeeded in achieving this goal by carrying out research that has allowed us to identify the main features of the packaging, the areas where the eye is most likely to stop, determining the level of attention.

Based on this assessment, we have kept the feature of the chamomile flower, a real focal point for the consumer, but have made it more dynamic and contemporary by using a less photographic style and by spreading the graphic elements over the entire front surface of the packaging. A renewal of tradition also in the choice of a stylised cup, which remains an irreplaceable icon of the brand but creates a decidedly more contemporary style. The Montania trademark also underwent a conservative redesign, remaining consistent with the past but acquiring legibility and modernity thanks to new lettering.

The chromatic change – adopting a dark blue colour while maintaining the original cyan shade beneath – aims to reinforce the impact of the brand but also to emphasise the principle concept of the product and the brand: the night as a time of rest. The on-shelf impact was then further strengthened by choosing a single background colour code, making the pack, which was previously divided into two, stronger and more visible, enhancing the association with the relaxation theme without losing the importance of the functional element, the camomile flower. A customised label completes the redesign, regenerating a dynamic on-pack communication, and emphasising the benefits offered by the product: Buonsonno, buongiorno!

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Composizione verticale con Box e bustine di Camomilla Montania con grafica di Reverse Innovation, su sfondo legno chiaro
Box e bustine di Camomilla Montania con grafica di Reverse Innovation, su sfondo legno chiaro
Composit con Camomilla Montania in bustina, mani che sorreggono tazza e icon SOLO IL CUORE DEL FIORE

Continuity in the renewal.

Confezione e bustina di Camomilla Montania, design di Reverse Innovation, su sfondo Azzurro con fiori
Confezione Camomilla Montania su sfondo Azzurro con fiori

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