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Simple Creations. Naming research and design that speaks a minimalist language in the style of Carte D’Or.

Our collaboration with Carte D’Or often sees us participating in the launch of new products, inspired by the infinite possibilities offered by the world of ice cream. Simple Creations was designed to spark the imagination of those who love to prepare cakes and desserts at home. That’s why a simple and clean, almost minimalist style, was chosen, both for the naming and packaging design.

Mani che sorreggono confezione di Carte d'Or Simple Creations su tavolo con ingredienti

A delicious challenge: how to talk about a gelato that’s rich in flavour, in three variants, with the unmistakable goodness of Carte D’Or, but able to lend itself to multiple interpretations for personalised desserts, leaving room for creativity and the imagination of those who present them.

We chose to approach it, starting with the brand name and focusing on simplicity. The product line’s name thus becomes ‘Simple Creations’ to emphasise the special nature of the product, which is like a canvas ready to accommodate everyone’s creative flair.

The packaging design features white tones and extreme cleanliness, without sacrificing the attention to detail and preciousness that has always characterised Carte D’Or products.

Also highlighted are the deliciousness and quality of the selected ingredients, starting with milk, which inspires treating the product like a block of butter, with notches on the sides to indicate quantities.

Fundamental to all Carte D’or packaging is the role of the invitation to recycle and the indication of the sustainability of the packaging, which is all 100% compostable and can therefore be disposed of with the organic part of household waste, in full respect of the environment.

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Immagine dall'alto di confezione Carte d'Or Simple Creations con piatto e barattolo di ingredienti
Composizione con confezione di Carte d'Or Simple Creations dall'alto e in prospettiva, gusto variegato alla fragola

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