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Composit gamma confezioni Te Ati viste dall'alto, nelle versioni Tè Nero Classico, Tè Verde Classico e Tè Nero Deteinato.

Tè Ati. Home tea gets a makeover.

Working on brand restyling, brand positioning and brand storytelling of landmark labels is commonplace in our work. Still, we felt honoured to work on the new packaging and the complete renewal of the entire line of a traditional tea brand dating back to 1927. Tè Ati chose us at Reverse to revive its story, passing it on to new generations. And here is how we did it.

Logo Te Ati su fondo rosso
Redesign di tre confezioni Te Ati

Even the most established players cannot afford to sidetrack in an increasingly crowded market. So this is why a notable brand such as Tè Ati felt the need for a restyling that would remain recognisable to its loyal consumers, respecting the traditional nature of the brand while renewing itself to become more in fashion.

The focus of our collaboration was the outer packaging, the sachet tag and the filter wrapper of the entire Tè Ati line: Classic Tea, Decaffeinated, Green Tea, and the relevant multipacks. It was quite a challenge, considering that it was Tè Ati itself, starting after the Second World War, that introduced tea as an everyday custom, especially breakfast, into the homes of Italians.

By the 1980s and 1990s, Tè Ati had become a quality guarantee for many consumers, and its marketing communication became iconic, resonating and traditional, as the advertisements of those years demonstrate. But there is more. Nowadays, one cannot think of renewing oneself without considering its product’s sostainability. So in this assignment, it was crucial to find 100% certified recyclable solutions such as completely plastic-free packaging design and compostable tea bags, easily disposable in the organic waste.

While the project’s focus was undoubtedly the packaging, the logo also required a minor intervention in terms of lettering and proportions, in keeping with the original colour codes and shape. We also kept the distinct reference design colour codes: red for classic black tea, red with a blue band for decaffeinated black tea and green for green tea. In conceiving the new range, we aimed for great clarity of communication to restore coherence to the label. We have enhanced the brand’s enduring consistency by introducing a texture reminiscent of the founding period of the company. The brand in the top left-hand corner is more visible and easier to distinguish, and from there, the product definition starts through the coloured band that divides the pack into two vertical sections. On the left, we find all the product and brand information. Meanwhile, on the right, the original image of the cup is retained, although redesigned, resulting in a more contemporary and impactful visual. The cup is now of transparent glass, clean and essential, yet refined, with the tea leaves elegantly placed on the saucer. The graphic elements indicating aspects of environmental sustainability, such as the plastic-free packaging and the plant-based filter, are on the front of the pack, while the more technical information is on the back.

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Tazza di Te Ati ambientata su fondo legno
Tazza e cucchiaini con Te Ati sfuso
Pack design Te Ati con Bustine su fondo legno

Continuity in the renewal.

Tazza di Te Ati con design bustina
Redesign Te Ati prima e dopo

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