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La Punta di Cornetto

Italy’s best-loved ice cream never ceases to surprise us. This time it does so by transforming its most iconic part, the chocolate tip, into a unique and mouth-watering morsel. The brand & packaging design, together with an effective copy, tells the love story between Cornetto fans and its legendary tip with a prestigious and elegant style.

A classic product that is renewed and creates a delightful range of additions. Cornetto, the flagship of the Algida brand, gives life to the Punta di Cornetto, in both room temperature and refrigerated versions, for enjoying an extraordinary chocolate treat in every possible way, at the bar or home.

We have developed the brand identity, in which the Cornetto brand itself remains integral and the new logo linked to the range naming is added, plus all the packaging design, which places La Punta (The Tip) in the premium assortment. Indeed, the style is sophisticated and elegant, with a refined dark blue as the background colour adorned with gold leaf details.

The copywriting also bears the signature of Reverse, declined on all communication materials, the “little big myth” that points straight to the heart” becomes a treat that is hard to resist, also thanks to its engaging and captivating packaging.

Punta dritto al cuore!

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