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Wine Pouch (R)evolution

Who said that wine that is not packaged in a bottle has to lose some of its appeals? Wine Pouch (R)evolution is a bold and innovative structural design project that demonstrates how even a “wine-in-a-box” can be practical and elegant. A real revolution in a sector that does not like changes.

The experience of wine also passes via the bottle, from a visual, tactile and gestural exercise, which provides an initial taste of the characteristics and type of emotions that the wine will give. An experience that risks being lost or becoming disappointing in the world of wines packaged in pouches or so-called bag-in-boxes.

With this project, realised in collaboration with the Gigante winery, we wanted to reinterpret this type of packaging with style and elegance, rethinking its appeal and impressions and linking them with the characteristics of bottled wine.
The design reinterprets the classic Bordeaux bottle with an elegant play of glossy/matt contrasts on a black base. The cardboard structure ensures stability and offers a user experience that is equal to glass.
Besides the shape design, the graphic choices reinforce the premium positioning of the product, highlighting the quality of the wine. The contours of the shape, reminiscent of the bottle, are emphasised by gold leaf inserts, while the origin of the wine is emphasised through the use of embossing and UV varnishing, which reproduces the shape of the vine characteristic of the area.
In a sector such as wine, where tradition and resistance to change make it almost impossible to advance fundamental innovations, this project is a true (R)evolution!

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