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In search of innovation...

Innovation is in Reverse’s DNA and is reflected in the possibility for our partners to access not only a range of 3D design and product development services but also in our mindset that strives to create novel and recognisable solutions.

In our approach to innovation lies the real difference at Reverse, where a project is the result of strategic and creative thinking, which can evolve into branding, design, graphics, or even into something entirely new.

Structural design, shape design and product development are some of the specialities in which we can support partner companies looking for an innovative approach.

It’s not every day that you can create a new product, a patent or a design registration: as an agency, our day-to-day life consists of branding strategy, graphics and packaging design.

Sketch di prodotti innovativi su carta

Generating Unique Solutions for Your Business.

Structural design is an excellent exercise to develop problem-solving abilities which require intelligence and empathy, allowing us to create new experiences or enhance existing ones, giving a new and alternative sense to even the simplest objects.

For this reason, we often develop innovation projects internally, as a way to nurture our passion for structural design, to grow creatively, to keep thinking out of the box and, of course, to continue offering our partners truly unique solutions.

  • Brand Innovation
  • Product Design
  • Shape Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Sustainability
  • Mock-up; Models; Rapid Prototyping